I remember an Oprah episode where she talks about the fact that one’s life is bigger than all the relatively brief challenges that we face. But we do at times get stuck in a certain moment of time when we lose that perspective and feel like the present moment will never end.

Think back to a difficult time you have had in the past reflecting on what your thoughts and emotions were at that time. Now think about what you’re thinking and feeling at this moment. Hopefully, it doesn’t feel as bad or as hopeless than it did at that time. Reflect on how events may have unfolded that you couldn’t see at the time, but now taking the long view, you may see how it was all meant to work itself out the way it did.

Sometimes it’s good to look at the bigger picture, taking an aerial view of our lives. If we are young, we may acknowledge that a lot is yet to happen and we will not be the same person as we experience more of life. If we are older, we might remind ourselves how everything worked out to get us to this point. We can actively choose to let go of beliefs that tell us that things won’t work out and instead approach life from a place of curiosity and growth taking the long view as our lives unfold.

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