Relationship/Couples Counseling

Healthy Communication Skills

  • Stay Focused
  • Try To See Their Point of View
  • Listen Carefully
  • Respond to Criticism with Empathy
  • Own What’s Yours
  • Use “I” Messages
  • Look for Compromise
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Take a Time-Out
  • Ask For Help If You Need It

How did we get here?  If you are asking yourself this question, it may time to get some help from a neutral, objective third party.  Relationship counseling can improve communication skills and also help identify underlying issues that may be contributing to conflicts in your relationships.  It is rare that relationship conflict is related to one specific issue.  It is much more common that the conflict arises from many contributing factors.  The problem is that a conversation about a towel left on the bathroom floor can end with shouting matches about issues completely unrelated to the original topic.  How did we get here?

CPGI can help with these issues.  If both people are committed to saving the relationship, there is room for optimism that it can be saved.