Living in a big city where you see so many people on a daily basis can be a bit overwhelming. So we put our headphones on, stare at our phones or shift our eyes down seeking protection in our own private world. We become numb in a sea of people. I am always struck by how many clients speak about loneliness in a city of millions of people.

So next time you’re walking to work or out in the city, pick your head up, put your phone away, and look at all the people. Notice the diversity in all the wonderful ways humans are diverse but without putting a label on them other than “human being.” Remind yourself that they all have the same brain and body as you do, imagining that what is going on in their mind is the same as what is happening in yours. The same fears, hopes, memories and all the other thoughts that populate our minds. Now imagine them as a child at their birth and then image them at the time of their passing. Do you start to see differently?

And if you catch their gaze, smile with a deeper sense of knowing.

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