Our Services

Individual Therapy

There are many different approaches to individual therapy.  Our focus is on personal growth.  We do not believe that people are broken and need to be “fixed”.  Our experience is that people who come to therapy are looking for ways to improve how they currently function.  They are looking for more peace and contentment.  We can help you get there.

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Relationship/Couples Counseling

Conflict in our relationships can be exhausting and draining.  Conversely, contentment in our relationships provides a much higher degree of satisfaction in our lives overall.  We usually begin our relationships with a positive outlook on our future.  It is therefore surprising and disappointing when things become difficult.  All couples have conflict.  The challenge is dealing with that conflict in a productive way.  We can help you learn more effective communication skills.  We can also help you uncover other issues that may be a factor in how you manage conflict resolution.

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Events, Workshops, & Groups

Chicago Personal Growth Institute offers events, workshops, and group counseling. All series are designed by Licensed Clinical Psychotherapists to help clients on their personal growth journey with likeminded individuals. Clients enhance self-awareness skills, develop healthier self-care practices, increase emotional intelligence and improve emotional regulation skills all within a group setting. We also offer art therapy groups with a Licensed Art Therapist.

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