What to expect

You might wonder what therapy is like and how it can be useful to you. Everyone practices therapy in a different way. Our focus is on personal growth. This means that we help you develop a happier, more peaceful and serene you.

At the first session, we’ll discuss why you’re coming to therapy. It can be scary to face parts of yourself that you rarely (if ever) share with anyone, including yourself. We will go deeper as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable.

If you’ve never been in therapy, you’re probably a bit nervous about it. That’s normal. It’s brave to talk to someone you don’t know about what’s going on in your life. A common perception (or misperception) about therapy is that it’s for people who are broken or messed up. While we don’t believe that people are inherently broken, we do believe that most people have dark moments or periods of time which create hardship.

Seeking out help is a proactive way of taking care of yourself. It is an investment in yourself and your hopes. Therapy could be considered both an experience of who you are at your core, and a series of meaningful conversations about your life.

If you’re coming in for personal growth and have been in therapy before, we’ll continue where you’ve left off. We meet you where you are. We don’t have an agenda to push and don’t have a one-size-fits-all perspective of why you’re feeling as you do.

Therapy is as much about celebrating your success as it is about moving through difficulty!