Why do human beings have the ability to feel sad? We work so hard to avoid it, spending considerable energy in pursuit of happiness only to find that the sadness remains. Sadness does have a true purpose, and that is to seek compassion. Compassion through physical support, an empathetic listener and loving ourselves when we feel the most vulnerable.

Ever notice how tragedy brings people together? Or when you fight with a loved one, they start crying, and the anger instantly dissipates. Sadness has the unique ability to bring people together often without words but instead a warm hug. So next time you’re sad, try not to ignore it by distracting yourself but rather be with it. Take a moment to be quiet, reflective, exploring the physical qualities of sadness. Let yourself cry if you’re called to and then most importantly notice how you shift out of it. You might even notice that your sadness shifts into joy since one cannot be without the other.

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