Our Therapists

Jeff Stahl, LCPC

By picking up the phone and contacting a therapist, you’ve taken the hardest step: coming to an awareness that you would like to affect change in your life. I believe in an interactive, dynamic approach where together we explore the history of an issue, its effects, and most importantly, institute a positive plan for change.

This positive perspective is grounded in my training in Transpersonal Psychology that considers the spiritual or transcendent nature inherent in people. I also have an extensive background in mind/bodywork especially valuable in the treatment of trauma and anxiety.

My strengths lie in the ability to create a therapeutic relationship, which holds clarity, compassion, and respect as pillars in constructing a space for personal growth. I believe the process of change does not have to be painful or difficult but can be an adventure in self-discovery and knowledge.

Robert Stoner, LCSW

I believe life is a Journey; sometimes wildly exciting, other times extraordinarily painful, and most often satisfyingly “hum drum”. Additionally, I have found that the perhaps unchosen and even undesired “closing of one door” often becomes the impetus which propels us toward growth.

Therapy is a tool we can use throughout the different phases of our journeys to enrich our lives. Whether short-term or long, therapy provides an avenue to explore today’s challenges, yesterday’s ways of doing things – which may now undermine our progress and tomorrow’s goals, as a springboard to growth. I have found this through my own experiences and as I have witnessed the process of change in others.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I work with adults, either individually or as couples. I use an interactive approach, grounded in Gestalt Therapy with a focus on the mind/body connection. I specialize in grief and loss and navigating life’s major transitions, in recovery from past trauma, and gay/lesbian issues.

Elisa Kalb, LCPC & ATR

My approach to therapy is to provide a safe, non-judgmental place where we can work collaboratively on specific goals to bring about personal growth, healing, and healthier living. In a creative and caring environment, I help clients of all ages gain new insights, change behaviors, express difficult emotions, and find ways to foster healthier relationships. Many times people don’t have the words for what they are going through and traditional talk therapy merged with art therapy can help to unblock emotions, reduce stress/anxiety, increase positive thinking and create corrective experiences.

I specialize in working with children, adults and their families. I use holistic/integrative approaches and am informed from a number of different frameworks, most specifically humanistic person-centered, mindfulness-based and family systems. I have 5 years of experience in community mental health, hospital settings and expressive arts therapies.

Life can be scary, challenging and beautiful all at the same time. Sometimes we need a little help to get back on the right track, to feel unstuck or to just find healthier ways of expressing ourselves. It’s extremely courageous to make this first step into counseling and I feel honored to come with you on this journey.

Mark Pedigo, LCSW, M. Div.

I have twenty-five years experience working with adult individuals and couples and I offer a safe, trusting and challenging treatment relationship. I have experience working with depression, stress and anxiety resulting from current life circumstances and relationships. I also have experience working through long-term past emotional issues and patterns of thinking that contribute to current life stressors and restrict current life experience. I facilitate a collaborative treatment relationship to work together through past experience and support a new experience of change and growth.

I have specialized training in couple’s treatment with Imago Relationship Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couple’s therapy. I focus on managing conflict through improving communication that creates acceptance and respect of differences. I then facilitate a couple in building emotional safety, connection and empathy with one another to improve intimacy. I also have interest, training and experience with how spirituality supports healing and growth and integrate this into treatment when a person is interested in this part of their life.

Rene Stockton, LCSW

It is a privilege to serve my community as a therapist/change agent. I have had the opportunity to work with adolescent and adult individuals, families, and entire communities during and through some of their most challenging times, ranging from mental health and trauma to writer’s block, homelessness, career, and wellness issues. I partner with people facing down a challenge using methods organic to the situation and our partnership.

Group work is a specialty I continue to learn from in its capacity to help people grow through similar challenges and disseminate support particularly when working through anxiety, addictions, depression, and domestic violence.

My formal and informal education coupled with my experience as a Black man in America informs my practice. Early in my career a 13-year-old female sexual assault victim chose me from a group of staff in an afterschool program and asked “Your eyes and hands don’t linger when you are playing with us in the pool; why can’t my father be like that?” It was then that I understood my role as a change agent. I work with anyone with the courage to seek to grow as an individual and to embrace change.