The one word that encompasses so much. From the experience of craving, yearning, and loss, to the experience of infatuation, desire, and deep vulnerability. With happiness, it’s the emotion that human beings strive for the most. But do we really know what the experience of love is? Or more specifically the “experiences”?

We often hear the phrase “love yourself” but how does one do that? First and foremost one must have a relationship with one’s self. Over the next few blogs, I will explore what that entails and how through loving one’s self we can learn to love others.

Since this is an internal process, awareness is key. Observe. Are you able to shift focus away from external distractions toward your internal responses? Check in with yourself as you move through your day. Be aware of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. You may find this process to be challenging! Please try to be aware without judgment. Just be with yourself as you experience this thing called life.

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