Personal growth is much like constructing a new building. First you realize that you have out grown the original structure. You just don’t feel as comfortable as before. Maybe the space feels a bit to tight or confining. Maybe the structure doesn’t feel as safe as it once was. You might notice some cracks in the foundation and question the plan of the original contractor.
And it just doesn’t feel like you anymore.
You start contemplating a move. You dream about how this new building will look and feel like. You become excited about creating a space just for you. You also wonder when you will have the time, money and motivation. You doubt your vision and berate yourself for even thinking about it.
“Nothing wrong with that old building”.
“If it was good enough for my parents it’s good enough for me”.
“I’m selfish for even considering creating my own space”
“People will resent me or hate my new house”.
So you stay in the house till it becomes unbearable. You redecorate and realize it really doesn’t hide the flaws. Eventually you start the construction on the new home. Discovering you have to first use the materials from the old house. Some work well, others need reshaping, some go into storage and some don’t work at all.
During construction you must still live in the old house and in doing so ,often doubt leaving it. It’s so familiar, it has faults but you know them well. But you keep at your vision and you see your dream home come to fruition. You start staying there, a few days at first, then longer. It starts to feel more like home although once and awhile you run back to the old house.
The Ego is the old house built by our families for us to live in. The new house is constructed by new thought, wisdom and love. It houses our true self.
Welcome home.