Often it is not the issue we have difficulty with but how we perceive the issue. In working with clients I see the challenge but also take note of the overlying energy. If we first re frame the context in which we are working to one of excitement, growth and possibility it makes the process of change so much easier. And in that growth is never ending, the in the moment experience becomes the focus of life itself. And there the choice lies, to live in fear (it’s hard) or in joy (it’s easy).
In reality, it is easy. Just edit out the thoughts that reinforce the belief in difficulty. Create visual reminders, journal and hire a coach to mirror those thoughts back to you to create awareness. Verbalize to yourself and others that it is easy. Don’t engage in conversations that lament on how hard life is. And above all resonate with joy, love and gratefulness of this experience called life.
See, I told you it was easy.