During this time, distractions are removed and we are left to truly know one’s self. Before this, the external world presented us with daily stressors that distracted us from ourselves as we just tried to make it through the day. Running to catch a bus, bundling up for a blustery day or fighting crowds of people often leaves one angry and weary. When we returned home we spent time shaking off the day with alcohol, food and the television; exhausted we fall into bed.

But now we have a chance to adjust to not having those distractions. Some may feel bored, while others are unmotivated with no daily dragon to slay. Eventually, our internal life starts to surface and we may have to sit with all of those emotions we were unconsciously avoiding. Sit with the boredom, sadness and frustration. Accept the fact that there may be nothing to do in the moment. Sit with the anger that no matter what you do, you are not able to do what you always did. Sit with the peace that in this moment everything is ok.

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