In my practice, I often hear people tell me that they fear being alone. I often respond by saying that in reality, we are all alone since we are the only ones that can be in our experience. Think about it. You will be the only one who will experience your life from beginning to end. New meaning to the saying “love the one you’re with.”

Nowadays people will pay to go to a silent retreat, but that is something that is always available. Spend some time with yourself without any distractions; no tv, no phone, no computer. At first, it will feel uncomfortable, and you may experience anxiety. But stay with it, allowing whatever needs to surface to do so. It may feel like a huge black hole since many fears of being alone cause unconscious memories that may go back to infancy. Being with ourselves in our nothingness can be truly scary, but ultimately, a spiritual experience. All in the service of loving ourselves.

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