During these pandemic times, a lot of people have taken the opportunity to reflect. But, what does that mean? What are we reflecting on? Some questions that may come up: what do I want out of life…in life? Who am I? Yes, it all sounds very vague and ominous and we may not know where to start. Sometimes it just needs a little guided direction or an outside perspective.

There is an “internal you” which could be seen as the “real you”. What is the real you? The real you is who you are when you are true to yourself. Okay… But then, what is the “external you”? The external you is the person you present to the world. It’s the way you act, behave, make decisions based on the expectations that have been placed on you by your parents, the world around you and yourself based on what you think the world expects. The game of life is a big balance and where are you on this scale? Are you burdened and feeling stressed out because of the weight of all these external expectations or are you being true to yourself and living according to you and want you want and need?

Things like Instagram and Facebook can lead to lowered self-esteem and negative feelings from all the content that is out there. Keep in mind, maybe like yourself, all these people and posts that you see are just posting the best of their lives. Most of the time they’re not showing off reality or the hard times.