Occasionally, I get a client that is uncomfortable with the fact that they’ve found themselves in a therapist’s office. I assume they believe that they’re here because “something is wrong with them” and someone recommended they talk to a therapist. So many times I’ve told the client that nothing is wrong with them and, in fact, by recognizing that they need support there is actually something very right about them.

When you recognize that you need support, you increase the likelihood of feeling better. In fact, studies have shown that people report improvement the minute that they make the appointment and almost always, clients return to the second appointment with reports of feeling significantly better.

This makes me wonder, why is there such a stigma around therapy? In reality, it’s just two people talking (granted, most of the focus is on one person). As many may believe, as a therapist I don’t see into the depths of your soul, send you to the looney bin or blame your parents for everything that’s wrong in your life. All I do is give people a safe and confidential space to explore who they are and try to help them through rough patches. I also work to help them understand how their mind works and how areas like the Ego can be stubborn in admitting there may be an issue. Oftentimes, we come from families that aren’t comfortable dealing with difficult feelings and instead, we’re told to be strong or think about something else. This type of response is much easier said than done. Don’t be afraid to give therapy a try. You may be surprised to learn that knowing yourself better can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

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